First Takes - 'Urban Invasion' by Grace Teng

Easily the crowd-tickler of the night, 'Urban Invasion' is a quirky look at the different disturbances that can bother us living in the city of Singapore. The treatment and shots are straightforward and to the point. A boy faces a spate of harrassments from his walk outside Ngee Ann City all the way to his home. There is a flag-day donation volunteer, a shoulder-leaning sleepy stranger on the bus, a door-to-door saleswoman and some heard-but-not-seen sources of disturbances. Guess what? They are all women! Though I think it is just coincidental, it provokes a thought that the director is female herself. While the film draws our attention to a set of familiar occurences without too much fuss and intellectualisation, it borders on being a like a prematurely-short drive in a car. Given some hopelessly hilarious moments and directions from Grace, I wished there was also something beyond the physical comedy.
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