First Takes - 'Scenes from a Break Up' by Mark Kwan

There is a certain novelty factor in watching a film shot by a film buff. Though the visuals, as seen from the stills, are not inspiring, I suspected it would be a film that would tickle your mind. A couple breaks up and gets interviewed separately. It juxtaposes documentary style interviewing with re-enactments. The added touch is the interviewer's voice which I presume is also the filmmaker's voice. While they relate their biased perspectives of the events leading to the breakup, the interviewer occasionally steps in to question their points of view. While a lot more could be achieved with stage actors who sometimes appear in films, it was quite entertaining to see a Straits Times Film correspondent (Boon Chan) act!

Given the brevity of it, what Mark shared during the Q & A spoke a lot more than his film. A lot of it was very discerning though a bit hammering the point home too much. Apart from sharing his background as a huge film watcher, he had a very fervent theory about making films. He gave the audience the word of the evening - structure. That 1% was the idea and 99% was the structure. Okay, I think he was exaggerating it a bit to prove a point but looking at the sordid 'progress' I made in my own script, I am inclined to believe him.
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