The Fly By Night Awards

Fly By Night is over but this year Fly By Night is not so fly-by-night because the entries are immortalised with a blog and some uploaded videos. I have been a bit quiet on SINdie cos I had a 'secondment' to creating this blog. Visit and read about almost all 44 entries. All my silly remarks. Apparently, I got some hate mail already for politically incorrect remarks.

This year there is also something different. It is the Fly By Night Awards. This is the first time it is organised in history. It is sponsored by the the Singapore Association of the Visually Distorted and Mentally Unsound Filmmakers. There is currently one member. But it will grow in years to come. Every team wins an award in this one. :p

Team 1 - Windscreen X - 'NG video' award

Team 2 - Best Actress award

Team 3 - 'iPhone Abuse' award

Team 4 - Singapore Police Force Bravery Award

Team 5 - 'SKII' Award for great protection

Team 6 - 'Chee Ba Boom' Award

Team 7 - Emo Award #1

Team 8 - Sound Design Award for recorded msg for Heaven

Team 9 - X-Ray-ted Award

Team 10 - Best Ensemble cast Award

Team 12 - Best Costume Award (seriously)

Team 14 - 'We were amazing' Award

Team 15 - 'The Days' Award for the tail of hair

Team 16 - 'LL' Award

Team 17 - 'Not sure what to award' Award

Team 18 - 'Not sure what to award' Award, tie with Team 17

Team 19 - Best Supporting Actor Award

Team 20 - 'Mumbai Hostage' Award

Team 21 - Male 'Bondage' Award

Team 22 - 'Best Special Effects' Award for recreating bird shit

Team 23 - Best Production Design Award

Team 24 - 'Road Safety' Award

Team 26 - Best 'Twist' Award

Team 27 - Best 'Narrator' award for saying everything with a straight face

Team 28 - 'Suzzane Jung' Award

Team 29 - 'Best Stubtman' Award

Team 30 - 'Best Supporting Actress Award

Team 31 - 'Biggest X' Award

Team 32 - 'Best Achievement in Make Up' Award fo creation of an acne spot

Team 33 - 'WTF' Award, also known as the 'OMG' Award

Team 34 - Best Dialogue' Award

Team 36 - Best Actor Award

Team 37 - 'Chopsticks can give you AIDs' Award

Team 38 - 'Not another geek story' Award

Team 40 - 'Civil Service' Award

Team 41 - 'Kim Chi'Award

Team 42 - Best Director Award for the violent breathing of the girl

Team 43 - Product Placement Award (guess what brand?)

Team 44 - 'Did you see that eye-ball?' Award

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