'The Sun Rising' by Lai Weijie - In Production

It is almost dawn and a young girl cries as she watches the darkness fade. Her father awakes and their estranged relationship plays out in what turns out to be a post-apocalyptic world where they could be the remaining humans with a mysterious fear and attraction towards the rising sun.

That is if you are wondering what's the story behind this picture. I met (Lai) Weijie, the director of this film, at Kopitiam after a screening and found out he is from the Tisch School of Arts for film. This is production period for them. So expect more production stories from Tisch.
Jeremy Sing (J) : I took a look at your photos. Very nice, very cinematographic and intriguing. One of the first things I am itching to say is your actors look very good and full of character... How come i have never seen them in any local films? Instead we keep seeing the same old faces to death?
Weijie (W) : Sofia Hurst, the British-Italian actress that plays the daughter, is from the acting school Centre Stage. John Lofthouse, who played the father, was the head of the theatre department at School of the Arts. He has just retired. Fernanda Martinez, who plays the apparition of the mother, hails from Brazil. I've previously worked with Chen Zhaojing (part of the comedy duo "Big Nose" and "Big Mouth", popular in the 80's) and Sarah Tan (from Channel V). I find it rewarding to cast widely.
J : What is this production about?
W : The film was inspired by the John Donne poem "The Sun Rising."
J : Were you given any restrictions on story or themes on your film ? W : For our second year short film, we were given total freedom.
J : Where in Singapore is this place? It look very foreign.
W : The two locations I shot at were located in Punggol. The field is near to the Oasis LRT Station, and the house is known as "The Matilda House", and is located about 400 metres away from the Punggol MRT Station.
J : You have Ang Moh actors acting like lost, homeless people, my first feeling was is this set in Singapore? So is it?
W : The film is not set in any particular country. J : What inpsired you to do this story?
W : A newspaper article a while ago about a man who wants to tie himself up before sleeping because he molested his daughter while sleepwalking in the past.
J : What kind of films do you like to make? What themes do u like?
W : It is easier to tell you what kind of films I like to watch. My favourite directors are Theo Angelopoulos, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, Hou Hsiao Hsien, Shunji Iwai, and Gus Van Sant. While preparing for this film, I watched "Eternity and a Day", "Tony Takitani", and "The Passenger".
J : Do you have a feature film idea in mind?
W : Yes, I am currently writing the script with my collaborator, and we hope to shoot in 2010.

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