Short Circuit 3 - 'Miss A Shot' by Ghazi Aiqudcy & Ezzam Rahman

I love the way the synopsis reads : ' An enchanted tale....' I am not sure about enchanting but enticing perhaps. And the fact that it is set in Woodlands makes it even funnier. Ghazi and Ezzam are die-hard partners in crime in producing the most indie of the indie films in Singapore. Their productions are often driven by plenty of gut instincts and a flipside take on things. And they are often funny too!

Miss A Shot explores an apparent new hangout for interesting characters - Woodlands. So in the film, the interesting character in the spotlight is a transgender person. She sits alone in a void deck fanning herself as it is a humid evening. then comes 'A Man' played by Ezzam. the inside joke is that Ezzam has been hamming it up with Ghazi in their previous productions playing flamboyant, slightly effeminate characters.

They gradually start an exchange - one laden with double entendres. In this context, both actors are wicked. The girl, for her ability to lilt her sentences for maximum seduction and humour. The man, err... for being so straight-talking and monotonous and noticeably gallant, like a gentleman. While the film owes a lot to their performance because of the lack of cuts, it is also interesting for its reaction to a social phenomenon, bearing a certain time-relevance to it.

Because it is done in Malay, the camp factor was upped. There is something about the Malay language, perhaps its rhythm or its inflexions, that is very flirty sounding. The Chinese language does not do camp so well, perhaps mush. The Tamil language sounds a mouthful and is usually quite a rattle. The English language is well .... best spared in a context like this.
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