First Takes - 'A Fistful of Yusok Ishaks' by Nelson Yeo

This is either an esoteric experiment or a fetish video. A cowboy in latex boots of the fish market kind knocks on the door of a HDB unit. A skinny boy opens it and lets him in. Then, in the kitchen is another man with a cowboy hat, sans latex boots. Tension hangs in the air as the gap closes between the man and the intruder. For one moment, you think you are watching a HDB version of a Country Western flick. Then, when one man fishes out the kitchen cleaver, you are not quite sure which part of the world you are supposed to imagine yourself in.

The combination of this situation with the child also makes an interesting relationship study. You wonder if he is just a victim of this duel between adults or perhaps he is somehow related to the intruder who, like his dad, is supposedly a cowboy as well. But as the situation tightened like the camera shots (eye close ups), it became quite grey on the screen. I really wanted to say.... at least use a reflector. :p
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