`Roman Picisan' by Rafaat Hamzah

I think the programmer arranged the films in order of bearability. The second film had higher production value and at least had a seasoned face – Sani Hussein. The simple love story takes place in a Fig and Olive Restaurant (think it is a Halal Western style sandwich and cooked food place). Even the staff can wear Hijab – the female head dress. So, our leading guy gets his lunch fix here and locks eyes with this charming lady, face made even more enchanting when framed by the Hijab. But it is a one-sided story of the man’s infatuation. He chooses a spot directly facing the cashier in the restaurant and tries to get a good view of her. On her end, I am not sure what she thinks but the Hijab spoke some something to me. Then, another customer enters and coincidentally blocks his view of the cashier (despite the rest the restaurant looking empty!). And so the infatuation continues but nothing develops. Finally one day, he discovers something. Like a signboard that shouts `Romantic teen TV drama’, the girl is no longer working here. Then music gushes in…
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