Purnama - Showcase of short films by Malay filmmakers

I am still trying find out what Purnama means in Malay. It sounds rather like a food or snack. But from the last screening of Consequences : Brotherhood by Shahreeza at Sinema Old School, I braced myself for not having enough space to recline like a Buddha on the plush red seats of Sinema Old School. The Malay supporters come in droves, making me ashamed that among the Chinese, there is the unspoken rivalry. I even saw a few makciks you usually see at the market. Don't even try asking some of your Chinese aunties or ah sohs to come. They are quickers than you think to suggest watching your short film from a DVD!

The first batch of 4 films were mostly about love and the side -effects of love. maybe I am just bullshitting cos that;s what's written on the programe about tonight's shorts : 'When love gets attached, bitterness never tasted so sweet'. At least, one film stood out for not being about Love - Bob.
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