Prosperoville - The Beginnings - a facebook encounter

I chanced upon an ambitious and polished looking project on facebook, wondering if it was a TV production. So, it turned out to be an independent short film called Prosperoville - The Beginnings. Wah! Thanks to facebook, I hooked up directly with the director and producer and had a chat about this `3 stories in one' short film (and they can still make it short?)

Jeremy (J): Tell us more.
Alexander - Artistic Director (A): Basically the story takes place in a fiction city in asia.
J: Wow, sounds like a high-budget short.
Rick - the Director (R):'d be surprise.
A: It's about various people and their lives, but steers away from the more common family dramas or slapstick comedies. We come from modest backgrounds not that high budget. And we've also skirted away from being too artsy fartsy, especially the fartsy part.
R: lol. A: The characters are based upon aspects of human personalites person. We've compressed a lot of detail. But we have mostly stuck true to the story, not sacrificing detail for content. Also, part of the film is musically narrated.
J: Can you explain what is musically narrated?
R: It was initially started out as a schl assignment - it's for a music video assignment. Both Alex and I had so much fun with the cast and toying around with the idea of making it into a film. Hence, you get a musical narrated film.
J: I see.
R: Of course, there will be dialogues here and there.
J: Are you still in school studying film? and which sch?
R: Yep. We are both film students at SAE (Schl of Audio Engineering) Singapore
J: I guess not your first film?
R: No. J: What is the one thing that would make this film special?
A: The characters are based upon various more common aspects of human personalites. Each person is represntative of a human trait, which is what makes these characters clash and connect. It is rather deep and its more of a contemporary drama. It is also musically narrated.
J: I guess you guys are relatively young, is filmmaking something you intend to continue doing for long?
A: Yes, we intend to continue for a while yet
J: Why are you so sure? drop out rate is high.
R: This is my passion. I have been working for a few years before switching and committing into this industry.
J: Oh, what were u working in previously before?
R: I was in sales and marketing. I did a few other jobs like hotel, etc.
J: Okay, then I understand... haha, I came from another industry too.
R: We intend to set a new standard for films in SG, so we are determined not to drop out.
I guess what I mean setting a standard to be entrepreneurial and daring to venture into new genres. Most Singapore films we have noticed are either too artsy and difficult to understand, otherwise its always about family. We have yet to see a decent sci fi, action, etc.
J: I totally agree with your the drift of your thoughts
R: What about u? how do you think the industry can be improved?
J: I think the days was a good example of an unkown director making good results at the box office. So would be good if more of us can do something similar.
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