`Moving In' Behind The Scenes

Here is a picture splash from the recent shoot of my short film `Moving In', an `encounter' film about 2 characters - a Chinese furniture truck driver and his client, the younger Indian female law student. It was a reshoot because I experienced the mother of all problems associated with shooting with the P2HD cam - I lost all my clips from the first shoot because my hard disk stopped breathing on me. So as a tribute to the last Moving In, the first picture is a solemn one with Chris, my DOP as the hearse man.

Like shouldering a casket
Parking the sofa

Shooting from out Fortress
Gender balance
Nobody guessed we had to `Night for Day' until the rain came.
The `America's Next Top Model' shot with damp hair and non-chalant expressions.
I love the solitary hand in the foreground and her eyes.

`Monitoring' the shoot
We all love his texture.
I promised Angela (owner of the house) only 2 pairs of feet at most in the house.
Isn't it amazing how cropping out the rest looks so nice in the small rectangle?
I really wanted to do a family shot with this sofa but they beat me to it.

Farhan miraculously returned to `Moving In' 2 with the same afro.
Service Charge
Grace does wonders with her stunning eyes
Paying up scene

Just to leave a hint of what Moving In is about. Here are the first few lines of the screenplay:

In a moving truck, the radio is blasting kitschy Chinese pop music. AH HOCK, a muscular, tough-looking, moustached guy in his 30s, is driving the truck. Loosely gripped between his fingers is a smouldering cigarette. Sitting next to him is SHARMINI, a young, academic-looking but buxomy Indian girl in her late 20s. She is writing something on her diary. AH HOCK’s mobile begins to ring. He still picks it up despite having no earphones, while driving with only one arm. At a bend, he makes a sudden swerve, causing her writing to scrawl across the page.
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