`Bob' by Fai Rizal Alias

Bob was a predictable day-in-the-life film about a `simple man’ who goes through his simple daily routine. It consists of the customary drone of the alarm clock, the customary foaming toothpaste shot of the mouth, the customary picking out shirt from the wardrobe and the journey to work. But the director has sprinkled dashes of sound effects and visual screamers to pinch my droopy eyelids once in a while. They drooped because the sameness of the repetition weighed on my already weary spirit. Oh, did I mention I had an issue with the phlegm close up? So day 3 and 4 came and I started analyzing the geography of his physical form. Pretty much a average bloke with a belly and lovely afro hairdo like Farhan (the grip on my set). I began to wonder if Africans and Malays shared some genetic similarities. And the choice of a Christian name like Bob intrigued me too. Could have been Riz or Naz? Anyway, the ending was quite a surprise with at least a point to make. The narrator began interacting with Bob and Bob rebelled against being `dictated’ what to do everyday. Lame but sweet.
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