In Production - `When I was a little boy' by Derrick Chew

We filmmakers live in capsules, totally oblivious to what is happening around us. While the world may be on its way to the next Great Depression, many local filmmakers have started rolling the cameras again this season, including myself. I will post my own production story soon! But here something from Derrick Chew to start the ball rolling. It is called `When I was a little boy...' and it stars a stellar cast of veterans!
“When I was just a little boy…” pays tribute to a 24 year-old apartment currently going through its last days before facing the harsh reality of “en-bloc”. The developer’s demolishing plans inspired the filmmaker to document and capture this piece of history. The film illustrates the filmmaker’s reminiscence and affection to a place he called home for one-third of his life.
The film is helmed by the award-winning team that produced Tan Xin (Conversations), which won “Best Film” at the 20th Singapore International Film Festival, the Silver Award at the 2007 Crowbar Awards (Film Category) as well as Special Mention at the 22nd Cinema Jove International Film Festival (Spain).
Derrick :
It all started when my Mom suggested that I should document the remains of my soon to be en-bloced house. I was captivated by that idea and before I knew it, this simple documentary idea soon grew to become one of epic proportions. “When I was just a little boy…” is definitely not a film about en bloc politics. It is on one level, a personal film about the childhood memories of my old house. Yet on another level, it is a contemplative account about relationships and the loss of them – due to time, modernity, technology, change and the perpetual hunt for something bigger, something newer, simply because the old never matches up, because the pasture is always greener on the other side. This film is dedicated to my loving grandmother and my beloved late grandfather who has went to be with the Lord on 8th December 2007.
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