Reel Revolution 2008 - What will you shoot today?

A book once changed the way I looked at love but a film once changed the way I looked at life. The Reel Revolution is an annual event organised by The Substation Moving Images program that aims to (shamelessly copied and pasted) :

Encourage youths to articulate and discuss concerns creatively
Spur insightful, intentional and innovative filmmaking
Hone the skills of young talents through mentorship, practical and theoretical work
Develop youths as leaders, effective communicators and facilitators
Raise awareness of the environment amongst youth living in Singapore
Showcase youth talents and contributions

In short, they will encourage, spur, hone, develop and raise so that they can finally showcase. My summary skills not bad hor? lol. Anyway, they 've got a very interesting and nicely designed website HERE. It says it all. And it is NOT TOO LATE to sign up. So please, don't bottle up anymore, we need to hear you!
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