The Windcatcher and other fairytales from Cain Chui and Mohd Idlam

Cain Chui is freelancing as a photographer, art director and cinematographer. He has been involved in many local indie film projects, which Lucky7 and Invisible Children as the bigger ones. Interestingly, his msn moniker goes by `Cinderella'. I finally understand why. He is a big fan of fairytales and in his own words still has the `peter pan' complex in him. His maiden directing effort in a short film was `The Windcatcher' which is of the fairytale genre, something not commonly done in the Singapore indie circuit. Perhaps the most famous one is `A Wicked Tale' by Mervyn Tzang. So here is my attempt to `break the wind'.
Jeremy (J): Is this your first film?
Cain (C) : I would like to warn you though I'm feeling rather intellectually challenged today.
J: Dont worry just be honest and sincere, think it will be better appreciated.
C: Yes it is my first film directing
J: So what inspired this film? Or is it something you always wanted to make?
C: I guess i have always been somewhat inspired by faerietales which was what this film is essentially a fairytale.
J: Oooh interesting!
C: It was an idea conceptualized by my co-director actually.
J: Let's talk about the fairy tales part first! (pause) Why are you inspired by fairytales?
C: It's largely due to me being still somewhat drawn towards the idea of childhood. To many extents I believe I don't want to grow up I guess I sort of suffer from some peterpan complex
J: Haha! Fairytales can be quite complex if youchoose to think about them in a certain way
C: They most certainly are which is what I love about them theres always the external layer which is whimsical and lovely, whereas the underlying ones could represent many other things.
J: So what is your film about ?
C: It is about a boy who finds freedom under the influence of a man who is in love with the wind. Mmmm....`under the influence' sounds very wrong.
J: Haha! (pause) Can you explain your story a little bit more? I mean the wind cerainly sound very fairytae but I am sure the obssession with the wind represents something?
C: The idea of the man being in love with the wind was conceptualized by my co-director.
J: Oh yeah, who he/she?
C: He is Mohd Idham. (pause) Back to wind, guess its the idea of being in love with something one is unable to attain.
J: Nice.
C: He derived it from a very personal experience of his which i could relate to very well.
J: Which is....? A lost love I guess. C: But of course the wind could be a significance of so much more than that.
J: I can now begin to see why your script had its favourable reception. In fact, the content makes me not know where to start asking questions,(beat) I have too many. (pause) Ok, may you could share a little more about the storyline?
C: But wouldn't divulging too much spoil the anticipation if one should decide to view it?
J: Okay... then maybe could you share what you wanted to express or the questions you wanted to ask?
C: Ultimately, our idea for the film was just to create a nice faerietale which everyone could relate to hopefully. Just something that people would be able to appreciate over the years like how the stories of Hans Christian and other great creators of fairytales have done so over the years. J: You did mention when you made it, it had a slightly different output from what you wanted?
C: The direction was not that strong it didnt turn out as intense as i hoped it would be perhaps, but its really left to another's own opinion. (beat) I just never like anything I do.
J: What an artist!
C: Thank you!
J: Could it be cos you were co-directing?
C: No lah. Cannot say like that.
J: I mean I am not putting down either, just saying that co-directing is mostly difficult.
C: It is known to be abit more difficult but we got along fine we were mostly on the same page most of the time. (pause) I guess it was probably a slight lack in experience or perhaps a little too ambitious.
J: I have one curious question : how do you portray the wind? C: To break it down I would say one half freedom one half ethereal goddess. The usage of the wind is partially due to the fact that its part of a quadrology
J: Wow! Okay that would generate too many questions but I would stop here. (pause) By the way i have one last question....what is your all favourite fairytale?
C: Oh my never really thought about it. (pause) Can i say Edward Scissorhands since this is with regard to film?
J: Why this one?
C: Because its horrendously depressing.
J(in his mind): Cain Cain Cain.............
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