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It's been sometime since SINdie is a little kay poh (busybody), i.e. have not been covering shoots for some time. My excuse is I have been trying to build a filmmaker CNN to make it more efficient. But it's an excuse because I have not been meeting enough people. So, back to business.
Clement Chua has been an AD (Assistant Director) to countless TV and film productions but has not really embarked on a full fledged short film of his own. But watch out because his maiden short film The Release is in post-production. He is co-director together with Timothy Alvin. If the storyline is anything to go by, it is potentially haunting. I am not supposed to spoil the film (esp the last part!) but let's just say it is quite a powerful ending. Here are some of his answers to my burning questions.
J (Jeremy) : The release is actually quite a concerted effort right? Or was it one person's vision?
C (Clement) : Yeah the energy is from everyone but the motivation behind it is the sole onus of the filmmaker. The filmmakers are yours truly and Timothy, the other director.
J : What made you get together for this project?
C : We were accquainted at a film screening earlier this year but were formally introduced to each other by the screenwriter of this film.
J : So care to share what is it about the story or script that ignited the desire to make this film?
C : I saw the script and was moved by the storyline. It's based on a true story that depicts how the choices we make today will affect the consequences we face tomorrow.
J : Very vague.... can elaborate or provide more meaty details?
C : Haha! Let's just say it is about a mother and son relationship and how it takes a turn for the worse when his girlfriend comes into the picture. Shall not disclose too much... catch the film when it premieres. It will titillate your senses and every ounce of your being haha!
J : So mysterious! I saw your production pics, it's got Mediacorp stars! Was there a considerable budget?
C : Hmm actually nope, it was made on a shoestring budget.
J : Wow? How so? Share some tips please!
C : The cast are actually my friends, so I just pulled them in on a friendship basis. My crew are also an amazing bunch, they work tirelessly for me. They are the true unsung heroes of the project.
J : Are the crew your friends too?
C : Nope, they come from all walks of life but congregate to give their heart and soul into the film. Now they are my friends.
J : Without $$, what 's your secret of motivating the team?
C : Think everyone faces the same challenges. And we all desire to have a great team to work with. Well, some of them are my friends even before we started work, the rest were roped in by my producer. Everyone is on the same page as me and no one is left behind. The most important thing is that they believed in my vision for the film and know where we were heading towards. J : What were some of the greatest challenges in making this movie?
C : One of the greatest challenges in making this film is that the forces of nature were constantly against us - the weather and background noise. We had to constantly halt and wait for the rain to stop or noise to cease.
J : When is this going to be completed? And where are you intending to screen this?
C : Post production will probably be completed later part of this year and we plan to screen this in next year's Singapore International Film Festival
J : What is the one special thing about your film if you had to sell it to people?
C : It is about relationships and how they can affect us based on the way we handle them. I guess this is something that hits home close to every heart which is beating out there.

Check out the make-up transformation of Li Liyun.

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