I have always wanted to do that in 48 HOURS

I saw people grab, throw, pull, soak and do all kinds of things to a poor Hongbao in the 14 final pieces under the 48 Hour Film Project. This was one of the necessary must-have items as dictated by the rules. The rest were the use of a character called Ollie Sparx and the line `I have always wanted to do that.' I only had one grouse, they all used the Hongbao in conventional ways - stuffing money in it, putting in talisman, putting in secret messages. Otherwise, it was actually exciting to sit through 14 experiments.

I call them experiments because of the parameters of the competition. You just had to make that sci-fi, even if you hate sci-fi (kudos to team Gladius REALLY!) So it is really a treat for the audience. Here is a list of the titles with genres below.

Experience tells me that the final 6 films will be chosen purely based on the final film product. But to fair, a large part of the merit really lies with how far each team went to create the genre they ended with up. Just to illustrate the point, look at Team Gladius and the wonderful computer effects they did with their beautiful sci-fi piece Saving Uranus! Risking sounding like an auntie, just want to say`not easy lor'.
Check out the filmmaker's blog on http://www.48hourfilm.com/singapore/blog.php
And remember to keep a date on 13 May for the best 6 six films at Sinema Old School.
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