Filament 08 - Most well-attended Singapore Indie film screening so far

The audience turn out for last weekend’ Filament 08 was itching to tell me so many more people could be watching local indie films then the usual paltry turnouts. It was amazing. I think almost the whole school came down. By the way, Filament 08 is the NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information’s screening of its final-year students’ video and audio projects. I did not see a crowd of an equivalent size at Kinofest which is the Ngee Ann Poly equivalent of this event, nor `Fly-by-nite’ last year. If I were a programmer, I might just want to start a traveling short film program – bring screenings to the schools and brainwash them about local indie films. After which Substation will find their rickety chairs in Guiness Theatre even harder to repair and Sinema may find their still-puffy red seats finally beaten down by volumes of indie film-goers.

The films were screened over 2 days on May 3rd and 4th at the Singapore Art Museum Glass Hall. The films presented were a mix of fiction films and documentaries. Somehow, they were all rather long. And in contrast, the ones at Kinofest (by Ngee Ann) were visibly shorter. Read about the films presented here.
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