`Electronica, I Love You' by Sean Cheong

Girls, please ignore this comment, meant for the boys : I think Sean’s recreation of porn in this film was accurate, faithful to the popular styles of this genre and very practised. Oops! Sorry, I know Sean myself as a friend. And it is just funny to discover this other side of him. He previously made a cutesy tale on a Bubble-tea maker, a family-friendly musical called Yumsing! And he has been involved in many Kid Central programs. Enough said.
Electronica is a eye-candied soap about dating in tech-savvy age of the present. Two dating expeditions run parallel to each other. A passionate, Bukit Timah type mother and her TV-commercial-good-looker of a son. They are acted by namely, Neo Swee Lin and Lawrence Wong. We are not sure if she is a widow or just being adulterous. In any case, she hooks up with a man through letter-writing. In contrast, her son, hooks up with a hottie via msn.

In a style that accentuates Swee Lin’s theatricality, in between the writing and the musing, she is engaged with a trashy TV soap opera and constantly pouring her heart out to her goldfish. It is not difficult to imagine how much disbelief needs to be suspended. Eventually, there is a highly `wardrobed(complete with black ties and fur)’ date that materialises. But it all ended less than favourably for her. And she has only her goldfish to pour out her feelings to.

Her son goes through a cyber orgy that is sings a tune closer to the young audience. He chats with this girl on msn who has lost her dog. By coincidence, she is a neighbour who also popped by the house to ask if he saw the dog. So, finally, he could put a face to it and a very willing stamp of approval. I mean, you know how disappointing some online dates are when they turn up in real person la, but then the criteria for cast in this film seemed to be eye-candy (the son’s story only) so the plot could only get thicker and the juices, like adrenalin, hotter.
Then, there were those `fantasy’ sequences. I was soooo worried for the girl, who was peeling off layer by layer of clothing because I know in short films they don’t pay actresses well. Thankfully, she did not go all the way, and the burden of entertainment was shared among 2 other girls who surrounded Lawrence, who actually wore the least clothing in that scene. I should just stop here cos the rest needs to be watched. He he.
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