48 Hours with Mm...McClemens

Tuesday's 48 Hour Film showcase at Eng Wah cinema was viewed with much popcorn and camaraderie. With so many rules imposed on the films' content (props, lines and most of all genre), I could hardly contain my excitement about how the films would turn out, especially with genres like horror, musical and road movie. But I really feel in this, the process carries half the drama, simply because there are only 48 hours.

So I begged for interviews with some of the teams. Here is the first of the lot. They call themselves Mm...McClemens. They must have thought long and hard for a name. Easily the loudest of the cohort, the team is very young.

What genre did you get?
A Buddy Film
What genre did you hope to have gotten instead?
We were hoping for Superhero but Buddy Film was not too bad either.
Please introduce your team members and name one distinctive trait/strength of each team member:
Chris Hussey - Cinematography
Jonas Goode - The Story
Colin McDowell -Acting
What do you do in real lives?
We are all students at the Singapore American School
How was the conceptualisaing stage?
Pretty hectic...we were on our way to shoot a different idea until Jonas came up with this one...phew!
What is the final idea/story? (before you deicded on this, what other wacky' ideas were abondoned? (we looove to know!)
The story is about two buddies who rob houses and they encounter an obstacle/man when robbing the final house. We had another idea about two friends going out to pick up chicks and come across a girl, who in turn robs them of all their stuff.
How did you put the production together (equipment/ art dept/ wardrobe/ cast etc).
Well, we obtained the equipment from our school and got the wardrobe out of my closet pretty much.
What time did you finish production and start post-production?
We actually filmed everything on Saturday night, edited Sunday early morning and slept till about 5pm waiting for the film to compress. We finished filming at about 1:30AM and begun editing at about 3:15AM on Sunday.
Broke anything in the course of shoot? (please list, can be an object, can a part of the body, can be Singapore law)
Believe it or not, no. We had permission to break into various houses! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask...btw, here is a link to some of our films on youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/user/HusseydayProductions
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