48 Hours - `Stopover' by Team `Epiphany'

Genre - Roadmovie
`Wanderlust' quotient - Huh? Where was the journey? Was it meant to be 1 round around the Singapore Flyer?
Greatest moment - The cross-dressing sequence planted after the credits
Worst moment - Was I not paying attention or was the boxing room scene really inconsequential?
Production value - This wins the top award for production value. Let analyse :
Airport: they either did it illegally or had to go through some serious red tape procedures to get approval
Limousine: looks posh!
Singapore Flyer: They must be one of the first few indie groups to have shot this in a capsule of the ferris wheel. It means they either paid a lot of $$ or wrote many `powderful' letters to the authorities
Leisure boat: This one tops it off. By then, I already began to suspect that one of the team member must be a high-flying corporate rat who really wants to fufill his itching passion to shoot a film.
Art direction: The shaved head motif in ths film is visually stunning.

Stopover is a great adventure/thriller comedy to watch. It's got a nicely contained story, great visuals and outrageous surprises. I only had one problem with it. It was not really a road movie. So let's stop analysing it in this parameter.

It starts with this wealthy looking, high flying man on a mission who seems to have a thousand tasks to do the moment he touched down in Singapore. And you really take the movie seriously because the acting, the costumes, the camera work and locations were very sleek. One more thing, the cast looked good, very telegenic. Then, he makes his way straight to the Singapore Flyer. And before you think that they are just borrowing the backdrop, you let off a `production value gasp' when they actually book a whole capsule to shoot in! The, the next scene he is in a leisure boat. But he discovers he has just lost his mobile phone which contains some very important videos or images that would spell disaster if they were leaked out. He hires someone to hunt it down. And what a good tyrant he plays, clipped and curt in his delivery and oozing with malice. Finally the mobile was found by the man and he offers the promised handsome reward.

Then comes the twist, the film cuts to a sudden Singaporean face (which was absent from the rest of the movie). It was an average looking teenager looking at the computer screen like enjoying Edison Chen's expose. It was an expose alright. But it is really too good to be revealed, you must contact Team Epiphany yourself to get the video! Hint : some men might have `always wanted to do that!'
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