48 Hours - `Robbery' by Team `Mm...McClemens'

Genre - Buddy Film

Buddy Quotient - More like buddy due to the situation (attempted robbery)
Greatest Moment - When the adult calmly questions them during the sit-down session after being caught, quite a tickle situationally and the blokes' reactions were funny too.

Worst Moment - Das split screens! Made it hard to concentrate. One more, the title shot, I mean it filled the whole screen!
Production value - Ultra low, cos I assume everything looked stolen..... oops, I mean, borrowed

It's got to be the partners-in-crime cliche somehow. But I wonder what kind of other buddies can we have... entertainers? (mmm... been done to huge success last yr by the papaya sisters)...colleagues? (YAWN)...kids? (great if you can find in 48 hours)

`Robbery' is about 2 adolescents who decide to go a robing spree around a posh neighbourhood of private homes. It started with a rather prolonged discussion of their dark plan. One guy had his naked back turned to the camera, looking almost naked. With a different dialogue, they could look like a different kind of buddy. Anyway, they start their raid.

The shots are ordinary and the acting.... well, pretty much being themselves. The split screens somehow made it difficult to see how many houses they raided. One of the buddiest moments was when one of the actors' feet got caught in the iron gate after he delivered the compulsory line `I've always wanted to do this'. They were climbing over. My shoulders twitched a little in laughter.

Bad production values aside, they was surprisingly one of the few films I remembered because it had a nice plot. A few houses later, they were actually caught red-handed by the house-owner who diplomatically offered a deal of not reporting the crime if they handed over the stolen goods. And he would help them return the items to the neighbours. Then, there was a twist about this man. And I really felt the genius of it all was that it was an open-ended twist - there were potentially 3 interpretations. Check out what the twist really is here.
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