48 hours - `The Podfather' by Team `Visuals 786'

Genre - Comedy
Laugh quotient - Creative, almost jaw-dropping antics that tickle you to cheer on the film, not really funny funny.
Greatest moment - Podfather collects Hongbao protection money one by one from the flea market tenants.
Worst moment - The actress in general, no match for the experienced Podfather.
Production value - Clever choice of location for dramatic effect, Yousry as Podfather makes the film look expensive because he so looks the part, wore a tuxedo and a posh car was featured.

Podfather is a clever little mafia comedy about a Godfather who controls iPOD business. A rival company selling mobile phones wants to topple his empire (pardon the details if I get them slightly wrong, because there were too many films). Then his grand empire is revealed, the flea market at Larut Rd (LOL). This is where he does the grand Hongbao collection scene.

The writer must have great comic sense to have set this mafia drama in an unlikely place like this. It seemed like they had great planning because they had a relatively big cast, both main and supporting, and all were well costumed. Even the gangsters had some credibility. Oops , I forgot, they even roped in the actual flea market sellers to act for them. How organised! Comedy is tough and unfortunately, they were 30% of the time funny and 70% of the time stylish and suave. But think they still stand a high chance of making top 6.
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