48 Hours - `It Starts with "L"...' by Team `Rezzureaction Pictures'

Genre - Romance
Sizzle or Tears? - More like giggles. But I think the filmmakers intended it that way
Swoon factor - Zero, several things were too distracting, first and foremost the physical mismatch
Greatest moment - `I've always wanted to do that!' guy says to girl when he finally senses he could plant his first kiss. Audience roars in laughter.
Worst moment - Actually, I would call this another great moment - Guy(shopkeeper) after his first exchange with the girl, conveniently steps out of the shop to take a stroll with the girl. I would have sacked him if I were the boss.
Production value - Most of it was seen in the posh and sleek looking living room that looked like it was shot off a showflat. The female lead looked expensive from some angles and looked like your college mate whom you might need to copy lecture notes from, from other angles.

If you want to go by the book in terms of storytelling, this one fails. The romance was too easy. Girl buys equipment from shop and the shopkeeper takes notice. The only thing he braves is walking out of his counter to shop with her during office hours. Then the rendevous starts. And the girl lack of any resistance or coyness makes her look like a girl from an advertisement. From one outing, they move to another. By the time, they reached the Merlion, most of us were already tuning in to the campiness of it all rather than nitpicking at the story flaws. Even when the guy uttered that classic line, there was no resistance to laugh out loud. In real life, I think if delivered cheekily or wittily, the line `I've always wanted to do this' can be very effective and funny, but if you need to enter a girl in deeper ways, I would NOT suggest using it.

Pardon me for saying this, but somehow, at the start, it was hard to imagine a match between the North Indian looking (possibly Eurasian) girl and the very funky-haired yet slightly Ah Beng looking guy. There was something that told me if it was an Ah Lian , it would become easier to digest the story. But I think I was proven wrong later because they kissed like puppies and the camera angles did not cheat. I would believe it if they told me they were real-life couples. Ok la, the guy is really no Ah Beng, more like funky and Gen-Y `Sim Lim' boy. And from the way he speaks, he was quite `Kantang' (potato), sometimes actually resembling Glenn Ong.

I am inclined to believe the rather competent camera work helped cover up the unlikeliess of the romance. It had many good angles and the lighting and colours were very palatable, kinda puts you in a warm fuzzy mood. I also think that it was a deliberate decision to be cheesy, with locations like the Merlion (LOL). Otherwise, it would have been a potentially awkward film to sit through.
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