48 Hours - `Help Me' by Team Durian Durian

Genre - Ghost Movie
Heart Attack quotient - Some, finally we heard token sound effects
Psycological (The Ring) quotient - Had some motifs that veered towards the psycological horror but mostly very surface type of scares
Greatest moment - BLOOD! Finally a team that tries to use blood. Bravo!!!
Worst moment - The message `Help Me' on the computer after he has left the seat. I mean it could be an msn message.
Production value - It looked like a really cheap drama until the blood showed up.

`Help Me' uses a technique that is quite similar to `The Ring' - that of a mysterious character trying to reach out to communicate with the protagonist. You don't see it, you just get all these signals and cries for help. So in the story, a man gets all these signals in the form of messages written in Hongbaos. All the notes are written with Help Me. They appear on the floor, in the fridge and at the front of his car. And eventually, this lurking spirit possesses the man and causes him to bleed. Apparently there was no violence or cuts, so I thought maybe the spirit was a female having period. Either that, or it made him vomit blood.

It was a simple production that felt a little lazy at worst. They was little backstory or establishment of the horror elements. The actor was a little casual and lazy with the facial reactions. They made an effort with the sound effects but could turn up the volume a little more and aim for more heart-attack-causing scares. And then I think with better casting, the scare factor would be higher. The man was too tall, secure, composed and straight-laced. Here is my suggestion. Get a woman, in her lates 20s, insecure looking, with a thousand demons lurking in her mind, conscience-stricken, complex and a dark past. Hehehehe!
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