48 Hours - `The Dirty Job' by Team `MODS Inc'

Genre - Detective/Cop
The `Zodiac'(recent movie) quotient - None. But had an `Infernal Affairs' quotient due to the cops/crooks ambiguity element.
Greatest moment - Seeing the Indian lead suck in what was probably talcurm powder through his nose (drug-taking scene) and wondering how he will remove it after the shoot.
Worst moment - None really. The film was quite level. If `Infernal Affairs' is the rocky sea, this is a pond.
Production value - If `Infernal Affairs' is chilli crab, this is steam egg with mince pork.

This film has a nice premise. Cop goes on an assignment but gravitates to the other side of law in the process. It starts with the typcial handing over of assignment scene. It is a tough straight-to-the-point speaking female boss. But she is still no Judi Dench of course. Nor Loke Loo Pin (Triple Nine). The Indian lead has a little more soul and dimension, for as far as the story stretched. But pity the story did not stretch far. And what a plasticine he is. In his first contact with the crooks, his sense of duty already starts to shift, under the lure of white powder. Then what follows is a journey of moral dilemma that spans about half a metre - the shot never leaves the table where he was snorting up the powder. I have one more observation, they chose a good visual motif of drug-taking and avoided the usual guns and blood motifs. I am sure if one of them must have questioned if it was taboo or law-violating to showcase such explicit drug-taking. And it was shown in a way that did not really deglamourise drug-taking. But brave, I like!
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