48 Hours - `5W1H' by Team `Knockturnal'

Genre - Detective/Cop
The `Zodiac' (recent movie) quotient - they left so many clues in `red`' and I am still so clueless about the film
Greatest moment - I think just before the film actually ran full steam ahead. There were some really nicely taken opening shots.
Worst moment - When my neck got a little stiff
Production value - They must have shot with the best camera among the 14 entries. The visuals were clear and colours were balanced.

Here is my guess on how they made `5W1H' . A group of friends come together to do something they have never done before. They are probably either very democratic or they fear confrontation or they really value their weekends. Hence, whatever turns out, the process must be fun and enjoyable. So a few people throw in ideas and a very consensual team leader collates the idea with minimal intervention because remember, it is the camaraderie and experiment that counts. So they set off shooting. One day later, time check : it is Sunday afternoon, the story still does not make sense! But too late to change anything now. And to change anything spoils the point of going through these 48 hours.

You could probably guess that 5W1H was, like its title, hard to decipher and quite a mish-mash. It felt like a detective drama (cops were absent) that left droppings of red coloured clues that led to unrelated things. There was the pair of girls getting excited about something in the lift and the Ah Lian in the mobile phone shop. But as the minutes pass, I remember less and less of the film. Let alone be able to share a coherent story. Well, maybe somewhere in the sub-consciousness of the filmmakers was Jim Carrey's `Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'.
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