`Vivid' by Sam Loh

`Vivid' by Sam Loh is a like a sensual love duet. If there is a music equivalent to the film, it is jazz. It ALL happens in a hotel. And to be really cheeky, it was obviously Hotel 81. A Japanese businessman checks in and incidentally finds a shawl on which the mesmerising scent of the owner was left behind. Then comes the imagination sequence in which he becomes possessed (see above) by his own fantasies of the mysterious owner.
Soon, it is time for him to check out, but he leaves something behind for he knows she will be the next occupant. What follows is a vice versa repetition of this fantasy by the woman. And this time, it is his cigarettes. Perfume manufacturers will not happy with this short film for introducing cigarette scent as the latest aphrodisiac.
There is round 3 as well, her lipstick, which sits exquisitely in a rose-inspired holder. By now, I wondered at which item would we see some form of consequence. To be strict, there was none. Though they eventually met in the bar, it was somewhat like she actually walked into it coincidentally. This was one among many previous coincidences. It did not matter by now because jazz had already turned into an oldie.
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