`Zo Gang' by Jacen Tan

Some notable moments (too many):
An after thought.... Zo Gang has the soul of `15' in it, and the voice of an army cadet who likes to `Chao Keng' (malinger). I like that voice actually, it is very close to my experience. I used to talk like that with my colleagues when I was a temp staff for Singtel years ago.
  1. Clever use of HDB flat storey signs (as if he really did walk)
  2. Boy walks across basketball court to place something that looks like a jacket on the ground, all that while Merlion Tan was talking to the camera
  3. Cool professionals - banker, doctor, MP (funniest is the MP part, well imitated and not so far from real life incidents)
  4. Hokkien Speaking Ang Moh (in spoof)
  5. Be With Me moment - Jacen surprises us with a guy who sports bad hair (upon revelation later - in bloopers, he looks like Royston Tan's Careless Whisperer)
  6. MRT train shot (nice one Jacen, gives us the last laugh on SMRT whose rates are $2-3k per hour for shooting in a carriage)
  7. Wesley Wong (aka Merlion Tan) with a different hair cut at the screening (looking actually studious and decent)
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