White by Tan Wei Keong

`White' was a simple but well made cupcake of short film. It was simple, thoughtful and is one of the few made-in-singapore short animated films that look `expensive'. I quote one of the audience members, that it has nice small gestures within the larger movements. They seem almost like a tell-tale sign of good animation.

According to Wei Keong, he gets inspired a lot by Japanese anime. Though `White' has a lot of Tim Burton in it. I feel it is a very universal and viewer-friendly piece that has probably helped Wei Keong's `White' travel the film festival circuit. Its colours are dark but peacefully dark. And the simplicity of the set gives it a very zen feel.

I have a question though about why the present had a square and he wanted to abandon his white square head for a another square head. It might have worked better if it was a triangle or something.

Back in school, I remember having a good laugh with my schoolmates about some other pupils who had squarish faces or heads. So perhaps Wei Keong shared the evil streak as me!

Check out these detailed analyses of the different types of face shapes including the square.

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