`The Trainee' by Craig Rosenthal

Notable moments:
  1. Hokkien Song playing in 7-11 store (Hello, since when?)
  2. Cashier girl repeats whats' on the packaging to embarrass male customer`Sheer Satin Feel' (referring to pantyhose)
  3. Name Tag shot : The name of the store : Hello!; Cashier's Name : Kitty (geddit?)
  4. Overhead motif shots of cashier sliding open (Swee! (Hokkien for nice!))
  5. CCTV shots (how approporate can it get; a much better one than `My Blueberry Nights')
  6. Receipt motif roller credits (vs Red Sarong's yellow pages roller credits)
Check out : http://www.thetrainee.blogspot.com/ ; www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYTWpbanE2M ; www.audience.withoutabox.com/festivals/event_item.php?id=8451&fetch=details ;
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