`Stick Boy' by Putnam Trumbull

A sticks nudges itself out of a slimy condom. `Stick Boy' begins with this rather metaphorical prelude. Then, a boy wonders about in a suburban neighbourhood looking for something. We are not quite sure what but at his age, probably something to play with. Wielding his stick, he eyes a girl who seems to be playing hide and seek with someone else. Creeping up behind her, he pokes her a few times with his stick. She simply brushes him off. And then, he finds some other way to deal the rejection, in fact, to get back at her.

If it was just child’s play, I would say it was a well-shot, nicely framed (see picture above), stroll-in-the-park little episode of our childhood memories. If the stick and poking meant more, then it must Putnam's mischievous child in him speaking to you.
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