`Popped Collar' by Rob Skinner

Sorry about the low light intensity of the screen shots here. Popped collar was in fact a bright mockumentary that turned the keys towards the end of the evening. It adopts a simple straight forward anecdotal structure that follows how a man deals with his `Popped Collar' syndrome - a addiction to turning the collar up on polo T-shirts and other shirts.

While the tone and premise of it was a pleasant surprise, there was certainly room for more diversions and subversions. Not that it was not funny, but it was essentially a one-joke film that followed a familiar mockumentary formula (seen in a couple of mockumentaries - syndrome, diagnosis, interviews, interviews with experts, updates, interviews with kins and loved ones, you get the idea). Mockumentaries are rare in Singapore. It takes one who can laugh at himself to be able to do one, which not many Singaporeans can. I hope Rob will do another one and perhaps as locals, we could recommend him more thorny topics!!! He he!
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