`Old Times' by Chew Tee Pao

Some notable moments:
  1. A dedicated Wardrobe Supervisor (Female lead had nice clothes that upped the ante on the production aspect of things)
  2. Fish Chaar's gaarish yellow shirt with check-box pants (It should belong to `Beauty World', the stage musical)
  3. Boy with interesting features - his `adult'-like face on his frail body caught my attention
  4. Tracy Soon's lip-synching of the song in which her lips rarely moved (like in the picture)
  5. The girl's too-close-for-comfort distance from Fish's tits (in the bedroom scene)
  6. The very colour-corrected turqoise gleam of the Mahjong tiles that reminded me of an old HK movie about Mahjong
  7. The raining scenelet, love the colours! and the bittersweetness of their tiff in the rain.

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