Old School Feelings at Sinema Showoff!

I remember when back in school when an important Rugby match final was about to be played against our arch rivals, our headmaster would come forth to the pulpit where the microphone was placed to make a personal appeal to everyone to go support that match. It was such a warm, personal and passionate gesture that I sometimes reminisce about when I think about my schooling days in Bishan.
Last night Nicholas (Chee), the man (Randy as well) behind Sinema Old School performed a similar deed. On his crutches, he pushed his volleyball-injured body up the flight of stairs that led to the cinema to share why there was a weird system of having membership cards and tickets even though the `Sinema Showoff!’ was free of charge. In short, it all goes to contribute towards the filmmakers’ efforts of making more films and generate more interest among Singaporeans about local shorts. But I paid attention to nothing but his `Old School’ touch (undeniably with the crutches completing the `look’). It was a winning impression.

The screening of Sinema Showoff! was a collection of short films that have been screened before. The names are only familiar to those in the circle, except for Jacen Tan. They were Craig Rosenthal, Chew Tee Pao and myself. Jacen Tan aside, it was brave of David to choose a set of lesser known names for the first Showoff! but maybe that’s the point. And the surprise was, the line up was indeed very zesty, spirited and entertaining, like you could justifiably charge $5 for watching it. Ironically, I have very different things to say about the $5 which I paid for the latter series of Objectifs Films.

A normal review on these relatively old films would seem like your mother finally discovering how to use msn (which my mom did last night). So instead, I share with you what I thought were some unforgettable moments that tickled my consciousness in each short film (except my own – but if you watched it, please write to me, would love to hear comments!).
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