`My Keys' by Ting Szu Kiong

The sense of mystery that the picture (the one with the white triangular whatzit) evokes sums up how I felt at the end of this film. My Keys is about a working executive who wakes up on a normal day to work only to find that he has lost the keys to get out. He prays to the `Goddess of Mercy', who answers his wishes. Or so he thought. But she had a more devious plan. Be forewarned, people who pray to Guan Yin (goddess of Mercy) maybe stirred. But if Guan Yin was beautiful as the Miss Singapore-something that played, she may get many converts.

I felt I understood the motivation of the film only after the director explained. It is a film take on one of his personal experiences of losing something. While the point of the film seemed a little thin, this film is really one-of-a-kind, like the square watermelons you sometimes see on TV. It takes a reverred icon of and humanises it. It re-enacts a hunch that no conventional film would do. Secretly, I also think it plays out Szu Kiong's memory of all those Chinese movies/dramas with Deities and Gods, so often capturing our imagination.
Okay, I have demystified the film a bit. But there is one more mystery: why is the film played by 2 beauty titleholders? Mr Singapore-manhunt-something and Miss Singapore-something???
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