`Kichiro' by Kelvin Sng

Are you the bang-table, throw computer abusive sort? If you are or have at times wanted to do so, there is a short film you can borrow from the National Library. It is called `Kichiro'. You will raise the popcorn box and attempt to safeguard your waning innocence. But in no time, you will laugh so loudly, there could be blood.

Kichiro is an ode to a certain teen-slasher genre that has emerged from Japan in the early 2000s. This is the 2nd time I have watched Kichiro. The first time watching I had my mum walking into the room incidentally when the knife was shoved into Kelvin's mouth. Watching it the second time was more entertaining. Don't ask why this why that. Don't inspect how artifically crimson the blood is. Like 881, just watch and follow our emo, misunderstood, tycoon son, Kichiro as he fulfills his desire to break rules in a way no one can.

And as we witness the breaking of a dozen blood packs, we can't resist a few good laughs at some of the most oddball-funny moments ever seen in Singapore's short film history. The whipping sex scene, pulling the plug at the party, Kichiro's mum, and many more. But I must pay tributue to Vel Ng's unforgettable screen moments! This one takes the cake! Guffaw!!!

On a more serious note, every film has a definitive moment, Vel Ng aside, for it must have been the classic soundtrack played over the lyrical image of blood stained bodies and up-turned chairs and tables in the classroom. Well done Kichiro!
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