Kallang Roar #2 : Aunties are an institution

Me in oversized retro specs; That's my age in 2 months time; Javelin champion
I love this worm's-eye view shot; Kai Li, the eight-legged-PM; Waiting for take
The quintessential green curtain; Yet again; And again
Feel the concrete before it turns into dust boy!
A memory-laden Kallang Wave When it is empty and sparse, the National Stadium bears a different genre of asthetics, somewhat post-modernistic and industrial

The title of my 2nd Kallang Roar entry is dedicated to a group of people I have always marvelled at - aunties. They are conspicuous in their garishly coloured auntie fabrics and waddle everywhere they go. They perm their hair into little poodles and some dye them in amazingly Ang Moh colours. They queue up faithfully for every freebie in town. They turn up in droves everywhere they go. They vote for PAP. They share stories among themsleves about their rebellious children and find comfort in the common suffering. Can we live without them? No we can't.

Last night, the last day of the rare Leap Year day, 29th Feb. They came and did the Kallang Wave for the movie `Kallang Roar' in place of what people of my age are supposed to be doing. But of course, it is really difficult to get people for a shoot in a ulu place like the National Stadium, without much pay. So, these aunties really saved the day. They are like your mum, when in trouble, look for them. Treat them nice and with respect, and they will perform. Make movies for them (like Jack Neo and 881) and you get a blockbuster hit.

Ding An's Kallang Roar is a very ambitious project. I am somewhat worried for him that the sheer scale of it may present many problems. And furthermore, one of the crucial parts of the movie is the crowd, the hardest part to pull off. However, as some productions have shown, a smooth and easy shoot may not always produce a great film and a challenging shoot may actually have surprising results later.
As I write, some of these aunties will be heading down towards the National Stadium for another round of shoots. So, with this cheery photo, here is my tribute to them.

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