`Birthday' by Bertrand Lee

Some notable moments :
This is the 2nd time I was watching Birthday. I guessed most of us in Singapore know Bertrand for 1 reason. His incident. But this film was a testament to how much you don't want to be his Art Director. But don't be mistaken, I did feel it was a good film.
  1. The adolescent of a male lead who sounds nothing like how he looks
  2. His `Kang Tang' (potato in Malay) Mandarin
  3. The explosive outburst in the office scene in which the employee `fucked' the boss upside down
  4. Mindy's remarkable acting (actually he was good too la)
  5. Mindy's remarkable cyan blue ready to swim-or-fuck underwear (see picture below)
  6. Husband's striped boxers, I like! Very cool.
  7. The retro-chic interiors, even down to the corners
  8. The lovely title graphics that caught my attention the first time I watched this
  9. The price of the cake - $70
  10. The ominous vibe of the cake seller acted by TCS (oops sorry, Mediacorp) veteran.... or maybe it was just a TCS vibe
  11. The moment when the husband insisted he could pay for the $70 cake (very poignant)
  12. The Hollywood touch of the carousel
  13. Finally (this is just me).... the beaded curtain...... (no more beaded curtains for me please!!!!), ok la, it was shot eons ago
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