Untitled Short Film by Michael Kam

Narayan, the policeman, was one of the hot bods in a rather special edition of Deal or No Deal.

`When will I be able to afford FHM?'
Haha, naughty boy, caught you with your eyes closed!

The crime rate in Singapore has increased by 3% in the year 2007.
Takuya(soundman) : The air is much fresher here!
I first knew Michael from a few Objectifs courses. He is a very quiet and unassuming person. His film `di' (brother), which I have watched twice also reflects that penchant for simplicity. Plus the fondness for kids.
This time, his short film also has a kid but on top of that, 2 rather complicated adults. They may look simple, a straight-laced policeman and a `mama' shop (provisions shop usually owned by an Indian) owner. But according to the Narayan (the actor for the policeman), it is not as simple (wil not spoil the film here of course).

I am not able to write that much here becasue I have yet to speak to Michael about his film. Will do so soon. He is still shooting as I am writing. But I enjoyed talking to the 2 leads while they were waiting for their turn. Vernon (the boy) was so cute. I asked him how Michael found him as the cast. He said, `dunno, I also dont know who Michael is'. Then after talking to him and realising that he has been in a few Kids Central shows, I realised. Poor kids, like it or not, you are being watched.
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