Singapore International Film Festival : getting a first whiff

When your head seems to be filled with too many new ideas and influences that could shape what you create, you need the occasional one mental Eureka to get you out of your creative dilemmas. The SIFF trailer by Royston Tan had that effect on me, subliminally. Guess, at the back my head, it restored my faith on his genius, post-881 (you can tell how I feel about 881).

It is like a demonstration video on how traditional neighbourhood bakery bread is made. The only difference, son buys coffee for father and delivers, father drinks coffee, now both work on the dough together. The rest of the drama is in your head.

Kind of reminds me of the Air France commercial directed by Hou Hsiao Hsien. It is also a very subliminal, evocative and aural piece. Very HHH and yet very European as well.
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