My Blue Heaven - Chatting up with Yee Wei

I like how this picture fits in with the film so much. There is even a little Blue Heaven motifed cover at the top!

Chatting up with Yee Wei, who is making his latest short film, My Blue Heaven, was a very relaxed affair for he has a very easy-going personality, which I suspect his film will emanate a lot of. My Blue Heaven is going to be fun! Not erotica fun but good clean fun. We need more filmmakers like you Yee Wei. You currently only have Jacen Tan as your rival! Even Royston Tan's 881 reeks of too much deliberation.

Anyway, My Blue Heaven originates from a simple idea of a child who is curious about porno video which his father owns a lot of, as seen from the picture above. His father is not easy. The violent and hot-tempered type. And the talent chosen for this role looks like he could beat up his son to pulp if he got drunk. Hence, lies the dramatic tension when an incident causes a potential `beat-up' for the boy..... will stop here and not elaborate further.

According to Yee Wei, MBH draws a fair amount from his personal childfood experiences, somewhat semi-autobiographical. And many thing in it are a tribute to the things he grew up with. OOhh! Actually, I am talking about the setting la! Pre-production has been a game with fate somehow. Yee Wei set out to find many things of the 80s that could help reconstruct the scene he had in mind. But it proved difficult. And for many of the props and location, they surprisingly landed upon him just as he was about to give up. He speaks most fondly of the HDB flat for the shoot. I was there. It was faded, peeling, stenchy and definitely old.

Apparently, he has already got his first cut out. I cant wait to see it. Meanhwhile, I would urge anyone who reads this to also visit his famous Curry Favour restaurant which he owns. I was so impressed cos it is one of the japanese restaurants in Singapore I remember and would be bring friends to. It is at Capitol building.

Check out more photos and musings on it in my previous post. Link is above.
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