My actor friend who went back to law

Kan Lume was famous for his tattoo on his hand. A bridge-burning display of commitment. But to live life fully, should one cut ties and burn bridges? It is a little hard to answer. Yes and No, I would say.

I always wonder what would happen if I just bit my teeth and lived the life that I shared with my mother I would live when I was a child. When I was I child, I wanted to grow up to make my parents proud no matter what. To earn lots of money, to get married and give them grandchildren. Last year at my grandmother's funeral, overwhelmed by bittersweet memories of growing up, I entertained the same thought again. If I just did it, my parents will retire happy.
Instead, I have a low-key job in a corporate communications in a company and I spend the other times making films. I dont have a girlfriend.

I think this dilemma arises because society has moved on people no longer just consider a job purely for its money. But if you still cohabit the same flat with your parents, you may face an opposite nagging opinion. We face friends outside who show you how high the sky is but when we go home, we feel once again the recoil of these strings attached.

Like when my mum cam into my room and decided to do a little reality check on me again today.

Being older now, I think I might have found myself an answer to it. I recently heard that a local freelancing actor friend of mine has left acting to go back to practising law to support his just-divorced mum. I think I would have done the same.

As long as I know I have the choice to do what I feel, I will never loosen the intensity of the film-whatzits that I do. On the other hand, I am not afraid to one day tell my filmmaking friends, or people whom I hope would take me seriously as a filmmaker, that may see less of me, should the situation call for it.

I am still trying to recompose myself after today's painful debate with my mum about career. But one thing's for sure. without living life, you can't make good films.
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