Wisdom trapped in a Vegetable

After watching `The Diving Bell and the Butterfly', I cannot not write about it for it could possibly be one of the best movies I would have watched this year. And my apologies for breaking the dedication to local films.

I would not say it has changed my life (I mean it was those films that changed my life that remind me why I make films). It has haunted me with its afflicting yet beautiful images. It has made me remember my bed-ridden days of suffering from slip-disc. It reminded me how I felt tortured in the MRI capsule when i woke earlier than the set time and had to stare at the white lining which was about 5 cm from my nose. But most of all, it taught me what makes a shining example of a film in an often used (in Singapore) `contemplative' genre.

I will not write about it (I know I am contradicting myself). But I will urge my friends with this.... If you have ever fallen ill in bed, there is no chance this film about the last days of a stroke patient can alienate you.
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