The Slipper Frame with the Photo behind was my favourite

I finally caught another of Tania's short film after 3 years (the first was the collaborative piece with Cyril Wong). I have heard quite a fair amount of publicity about `The Slipper Frame' , so decided that it would be on my watch list at the Asian Film Archive collection.

I liked the concept behind the story. It was very charming and reflective. And unlike the melancholic reflective mood shrouding many Singapore shorts, this one is whimsical-reflective. Much added by the rich colours of the set/props and the music as well. But most importantly, I must say it changed my mind about a few things.....

Frames can scream out at your face. You can ask the that familiar shophouse `uncle' of yours to create a frame you really really want and not some another one of those off-the-shelf convocation-type frames. Yuni Hadi can act. Frames can be 3-D. Yuni Hadi can act. Your fish tank can be a frame. Feet can be frames. Finally, anything can be a frame, it depends on the subject and item..... great food for thought.

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