Not sure where Atonement begins...

I now have the book sitting on my desk in front of me. A gaunt looking Keira Knightley and her co-star (not sure of his name) appear on the cover. It must a book pregnant with so much unsettled feelings,despair,and most of all guilt..... if the movie that I watched and the expression in the author's eyes that i saw were faithful to book.

Atonement the movie was a good study in storytelling which I am really paying great attention to these days because I am about to embark on writing a screenplay. The posters and movie stills suggested to me that it was a `war movie'. But in the first portion of the movie, there was anything but war. There were family drama that involved suspicion, jealousy and other inner demons of the mind. But as I was to find out later, it was this episode of family drama that caused a major tragedy. Which made war , which was the backdrop, seem even more cruel than in many other war movies. No spoilers here. And will not do full review since a place like Rotten Tomatoes would have done better justice to the movie in terms of this.

But I strongly urge all to watch it not just because it won the Golden Globes. But because it is a remarkable story that you are not quite sure where it begins and where it ends. Coloured by guilt, the author has penned a book that both recounts and also `recreates' the relationship btw the two lovers. But that is according to what had been adapted from the book into the movie. It is now for me to uncover whether the chicken came first or the egg.

Thanks Dan for the invite!
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