My Blue Heaven (short film) ...... hope we can easily download this soon!

As I took the grimy looking lift up to the 6th floor on the HDB block that `My Blue Heaven’ was being shot, I was anticipating a very testosteronically charged crew of people around dancing bodies under the glare of a dozen spotlights. But it turned out to be much quieter set than I imagined. And there were no heavenly bodies but heavenly bodies on print though, plastered throughout the carefully-art-decorated flat (courtesy of Wan Ping).

When I entered the flat, there were 2 tables laden with opened peanut shells, crushed cans of Tiger beer other remnants that reeked of a something hedonistic that had taken place. Somehow, that phone and that plastic-blue lampshade had a very mod-like look that evoked the cocaine and sex filled days of the 70s. But of course, with the Japanese soft-porn posters, and the video tapes, it was clearly the time of my childhood that was the setting for this homage to porn.

So I moved on to take a glimpse at the shoot in progress. Right in the centre of the action stood unmistakable Catherine Sng, still in the same `Unarmed Combat’ hairdo fleeing from a pint-sized and boyish-looking policeman. Well, my sixth sense told I have yet to watch the most crucial portions of the principal photography, if the name is anything to go by. But judging from the style of the acting, it was probably going along the route of Kung Fu Hustle (must be Catherine’s curler-made hair) and other familiar Stephen Chow-type comedies. Probably from the onset of casting Catherine, I could somehow feel the direction the film was taking.

Clement was so welcoming as the AD on set. Well, I think it is just the initial phase of starting this kind of a blog featuring productions and reviews. Over time, as I continue to visit more productions, I will have the title of `the Resident Kay Poh of Singapore Cinema(the less spoken ones)’ . So, they will all GET USED to me! Nevertheless, I enjoyed talking to him and knowing him better as a friend. A good conversation was really like getting your soul and heart massaged properly. And thanks to him, I had a chance to read the script. SORREE No spoilers here! But it is definitely a comedy done in a more unabashed manner. And I liked the initial portion about this relationship between father and son in the story. Felt it is a good way angle to depict how porn affected lives. It has definitely affected mine in more ways than one.

Since this is really for Yee Wei (ooopss, I completely forgot to mention the director’s name – Chai Yee Wei), I wish to leave more room for him to comment about his own production. So more in this account when I can get some scoop from him.

I did not stay long for the shoot because I had to rush off to Sinema to do some editing. So Ah Gong, anything interesting happened after I left????

By the way, I must get Catherine to be on my shooting set some time in future. She is a real storyteller. Got us all cracked up with her stories on Sex Education. Think when the going gets tough in shoots, crew could do with a little `education’ from her.
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