Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales

Watched a short film in Black and Wite by Eric Rohmer, who must either be dead or very old now.
The film was set in the 1960 where women had beehives as hair.

The one about the baker girl was so interesting. A man sees a stranger he likes and wants to chase her. But chances are slim for they dont have a reason to meet up. But yearning for her made him accept the signs of advancement by a girl who works at the bakery. It's a weird human behaviour but it is so familiar to me! but it was not sure whether the baker was really flirting with him or his ego was just losing some balance. Eventually he asked the baker girl out for dinnner. but on the day of the dinner he bumped into the lady who first ignited his passion. He conveniently missed the earlier date to have dinner with Miss hard-to-get.

They married six months later.
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