Ah Ma Reacts!

Watched Ah Ma finally at the Esplanade National Library after so many missed opportunities!!!
Of course, before I anxiously pressed on the play button (which i was not sure which it was from the confusing design), I tried to erase all impressions of it from Dan (`was in tears at the end'), Vel (`really very well-made piece') and all over town (..............).
I was expecting a very personal intimate drama but it turned to be a study of human reaction across different brranches of the family tree.

There were 6-7 varieties of crying, the army boy in poignant-looking camouflage weep, the muffled-voice cry of Ah Ma's brother, done to perfection, the macho `real-men-do-cry' cry of the father, the silent `cry in the heart' cry of the the elder daughter (must be, if not, then is the in-law), esp with her slow-mo putting down of phone receiver. The cigarette shrouded watery eyes of our dear Big Papaya, Yea Yann Yann (which somewhat resembed a scene in the Bracelet, except that she has the horrible 80s maggi mee hair in this).

But the cry that probably sealed the fate of Ah Ma the film was the last one. Sweet, gentle and haunting. Will not post a spoiler here. For those who have missed this out and many other local and reginal short films, do visit the National Library, they now hve the Asian Film Archive collection. But have to view it there.
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